Rotab House

Empowering Female Entrepreneurship & Employability – Tuning Rotab House’s Dream into Reality. A specialty online store for organic dates and dried-fruits


Webirdesign is a passionate advocate for female entrepreneurs. This case study highlights our comprehensive approach to supporting the business owner’s vision for her new business, Rotab House. We provided a full suite of services, from initial planning to launch and beyond.

Rotab House approached us with a brilliant idea for a unique product but lacked the business acumen, resources, and digital expertise to translate it into a thriving business. 

Services Included:

Branding  & Logo Design

Shopify e-store creation

Digital and Print Media Assets

Social Media & Promotional Campaigns Design

Business Coaching & Mentoring

Approach & Deliverables

Webirdesign took a collaborative approach, working closely with Rotab House throughout the process. Here’s how we tackled each challenge:

Business Planning: We facilitated brainstorming sessions to refine the business concept, conducted market research, and created a comprehensive business plan with financial projections.
Grant Application: Leveraging expertise and own experience to craft a compelling grant application highlighting the business’s potential and social impact of promoting unique organic dried fruits.
Product Sourcing: We conducted thorough research and negotiations with potential suppliers, securing competitive pricing and ensuring product quality.
Branding & Design: created a visually appealing logo and brand identity that resonated with a health-conscious target audience. We then built a user-friendly, Shopify-powered e-store optimized for conversions.
Marketing Strategy: We developed a comprehensive social media campaign strategy, including content creation, platform selection, and targeted advertising. This strategy aimed to build brand awareness, generate interest, and drive sales.
Mentorship: A dedicated member of our team served as a business mentor, providing ongoing guidance on marketing, operations, and strategic decision-making.

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