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Jan, 2018

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Branding series-Definition

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Throughout these series we will go through the different aspects and basics of branding and business identity. The goal of these series is to highlight the key elements that we strongly encourage any small business starting out to take into consideration and eventually will help you tune your mind into a branding mode right off the start, which we believe will pay off later on along your business journey. Of course branding is a specialized professional practice, but getting your head around the basics will save you up time and money.
The key elements are: Logo, Typography, Color Palette, Images & Visuals.

Today we will begin by briefly defining the words; branding, brand and brand identity.
A brand is a set of unique feelings, emotions, experiences and perceptions people associate your company, products and services with, each time they encounter or think of your brand.
Branding is a process of a series of actions you undertake to construct your brand, which is made up of a number of tangible elements called brand identity such as Logo, Typography, color, and other Visuals, and is expressed through various aspects such as graphics, aesthetics, style, collateral, email signatures, corporate gifts, marketing materials, quality, customer service, tone and voice, as well as other print, online and offline materials, that people interact with creating therefore that brand experience and brand image.

A brand isn’t however about an outstanding design and great-looking logo or package. It is a combination of the different components above deployed through a brand strategy to deliver that unique value proposition that no other competitor can, while keeping your promise and striving to make your standards better and better each time that consequently build customer loyalty.

At WEBIRDESIGN, we adopt branding as a way of thinking and working process. Our goal is to help small businesses and young entrepreneurs better understand branding and help them integrate the basic elements as early as possible. Our process has proven to be highly effective and beneficial because it not only makes the client think about graphics and visuals but about their unique value and selling proposition and what their business is about.

“Your brand is you, your values, what you can do and offer and what honestly is special about that. It exists to solve a problem while being consistent and in conformity with your inner values. It has own voice tone which reflects your persona, and with confidence it speaks up to its audience because when it comes to quality it goes always that extra mile”

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